Grave Matters (2004)

Sinopsis - Información:

A continuación les mostramos un breve resumen sobre Grave Matters... Fed up with the constant abuse she suffers at the hands of the men in her life, Christine (Kate Vernon) is driven to desperate measures and begins killing each of her tormentors, burying them all together in a shallow makeshift grave. But just as Christine starts to believe that she'll get away with her vigilantism, the ghosts of her victims emerge to torment her on an entirely different level.. Si quieres ver via streaming Grave Matters online puedes verla desde servicios como Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, HBO max, usar programas como torrent o verla en páginas web como repelis, pelis24, elitetorrent o dontorrent. La fecha en la que se estrenó Grave Matters online fue el 2004-03-04 y dura 90 minutos.

Actores principales:

Robert Firth , Tim DeZarn y Kate Vernon