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Churchill and the Movie Mogul (2019)

Sinopsis - Información:

A continuación les mostramos un breve resumen sobre Churchill and the Movie Mogul... Winston Churchill understood the power of films, but the true extent of his use of cinema as a propaganda tool is rarely explored. In 1934, one of Britain's most celebrated film producers, Alexander Korda, signed Churchill up as a screenwriter and historical advisor. It was the start of a unique collaboration. Churchill provided script notes for Korda's productions and penned an epic screenplay. When war broke out, their collaboration took on national importance. Korda was sent on a mission to Hollywood to help bring America into the war, with positive results. With access to previously undiscovered documents, this film documentary examines that mission and a friendship that underpinned a unique, creative partnership.. Si quieres ver via streaming Churchill and the Movie Mogul online puedes verla desde servicios como Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, HBO max, usar programas como torrent o verla en páginas web como repelis, pelis24, elitetorrent o dontorrent. La fecha en la que se estrenó Churchill and the Movie Mogul online fue el 2019-01-24 y dura 59 minutos.


John Fleet

Actores principales:

Robert Firth , Stephen Fry y Charles Drazin