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Please Sir! (1971)

Sinopsis - Información:

A continuación les mostramos un breve resumen sobre Please Sir!... Mr. Hedges, the somewhat naive and idealistc teacher of the rebellious Class 5C, lobbies to have them allowed on the school camping trip despite much precedent to the contrary. Once on the camping trip Mr. Hedges pursues the local barmaid and the class indulge in their usual activities. A small feud with some stereotypical upper class children in red blazers is resolved with a false rape allegation. A case of some stolen money is resolved through Mr. Hedges trusting the class. At the final dance Mr. Hedges is ensnared in the romantic clutches of Miss Cutforth, contrary to his wishes.. Si quieres ver via streaming Please Sir! online puedes verla desde servicios como Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, HBO max, usar programas como torrent o verla en páginas web como repelis, pelis24, elitetorrent o dontorrent. La fecha en la que se estrenó Please Sir! online fue el 1971-05-01 y dura 100 minutos.


John Esmonde y Bob Larbey


Mark Stuart

Actores principales:

Norman Bird , Malcolm McFee y Richard Davies