Leila (2011)

Sinopsis - Información:

A continuación les mostramos un breve resumen sobre Leila... Love can drive you crazy. To the outside world Paul and Leila have a 'happy' family. A nice house, two nice kids, and most importantly they have each other. That's the problem. Both are in love - one is insane. Paul thinks he's losing his mind - but he has more to lose than that. One couple; one love; one tragedy.. Si quieres ver via streaming Leila online puedes verla desde servicios como Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, HBO max, usar programas como torrent o verla en páginas web como repelis, pelis24, elitetorrent o dontorrent. La fecha en la que se estrenó Leila online fue el 2011-04-23 y dura 85 minutos.


Lesley Manning


Lesley Manning

Actores principales:

Lee Boardman , Dorothy Duffy y Orlando Seale